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Our mission at Gingerella is to provide cleaning services with a focus on quality, sustainability and great customer service!

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Gingerella Cleaning is a small business committed to sustainability, and we like it that way!

We imagine that others (i.e. our hundreds of clients to date) like it that way too. We use effective eco-friendly products, microfiber rags, and mops made from recycled plastic bottles. These are washed daily in the same hydrogen peroxide and orange oil-infused solution we use to clean your beautiful home.

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Our mission at Gingerella is to provide cleaning services with a focus on quality, sustainability and great customer service! We envision our cleaning team as not only being able to provide an excellent service but as being able to build a relationship with our customers, ensuring a trusting and personalized service.

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Customer Reviews

Gingerella's Cleaning Service is the best we've ever had. We've had Amanda and Sam come every 2 weeks for the last 2.5 years, they know exactly what needs to be cleaned and do a phenomenal job. Super friendly, fast, efficient, trustworthy and professional. We've had various cleaners in the past, yet highly recommend them as they are very detailed and go above and beyond.
These ladies came on short notice and did an amazing job on a move out clean for a rental property that was left in less than good condition!!! Went above and beyond and did a great job! Definitely recommend them!!!! Thank you ladies, you took away a bunch of stress!
I rented a place and when I received the keys, the place was a disaster (baseboards dirty, lots of dusts, disgusting bathrooms....), keep in mind I am very OCD, so I was freaking out and didn't want to take on the load of cleaning before moving in on top of everything else that comes with moving. So I reached out to Gingerella Cleaning Services, the response time was very fast, she was very kind and understanding of me freaking out and booked my move in cleaning within two days. The team came in and cleaned this place so well, I was so happy and impressed with the attention to details. They even surpassed this crazy OCD person's expectations
Great service. Super friendly. On time and did a great job! Thanks!!
Five stars !! I had a last minute move out and got my deposit back because they cleaned so amazing thank you again
I used to clean hotel rooms so I’m a stickler for detail. I couldn’t believe how clean my house was when I got home and it smelled sooooo good! Every crevice was sparkling! The girls went above and beyond my expectations. My dishes were clean, the garbages were taken out and every surface was spotless. I will definitely be asking them back and recommending them to all my friends!
FANTASTIC ladies they worked around my crazy schedule even though it put them out a little, very professional, thorough, and efficient. Highly recommend.
Amanda is amazing and very detail oriented!!! When I come home after she cleans my house it’s like I’m walking into a showhome everything is organized and sparkling clean!! I have a lot of animals in my home and when she’s done there’s not a speck of animal hair anywhere. Amanda is my go to cleaning company!! She even used to put up with my dog, who was cranky old man!!! It’s a bonus that she loves animals and didn’t mind him at the house when she was cleaning
I love Amanda, she always does an amazing job cleaning my condo. It’s so great having her come every two weeks. I highly recommend her services.
Amanda has cleaned a variety of homes I've had over the years. Everytime is done quickly, efficiently and is always affordable! There is absolutely no one else I'd hire to clean for my family!